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Adjunctive fluoxetine may reduce aggression in alcohol-related domestic violence
Adverse reaction to antibiotic in patient receiving venlafaxine
Antidepressants don’t increase death risk in heart failure
Antipsychotics and Brain Volume Reductions in Schizophrenia Patients
Antipsychotics’ receptor profiles linked to stroke risk
Association of cardiovascular events with atypical antipsychotics and antidepressants
Atypical Antipsychotic Lurasidone Newly Approved for Schizophrenia
Atypical Antipsychotics and Worsening Cognitive Function in Alzheimer’s Patients
Bipolar patients at higher risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes
Bupropion Effective for Treating Excessive Online Gaming and Comorbid Depression
Cognitive Therapy for Depression Relapse Prevention
Combined Trauma-Focused CBT plus Paroxetine for Terrorism-Related PTSD
DHA Supplements During Pregnancy for Postpartum Depression not Effective
Differential antidepressant effects on suicide risk in youth, adults, and the elderly
Glucocorticoids increase risk of suicidal behavior and psychiatric disorders
High-dose D-cycloserine found effective in depression treatment
High-dose vitamin D no better than placebo on depression scores
Increasing Off-Label Use of Antipsychotics for Treating Anxiety Disorders
Intranasal ketamine shows rapid effects in depression study
Lamotrigine Outperforms Placebo in Study of Difficult-to-Treat Depersonalization
Long-term treatments for obesity yield results with lifestyle changes
Methylphenidate appears effective for apathy in Alzheimer’s
Naltrexone implant shows results for treatment of polydrug abuse
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome presents in similar fashion among antipsychotics
New Treatment Option for Opioid-Dependent Patients With Injectable ER Naltrexone
No Clinical Advantage of Combination Antidepressant Treatment Over Monotherapy
No Increased Risk of Serious Cardiovascular Events with ADHD Drugs in Children or Adults
Olanzapine monotherapy shows efficacy for bipolar depression
Positive Results for Desipramine in Study of PTSD with Alcoholism
Progesterone trials for TBI: No improvement over placebo
Questions remain about link between antiepileptic drugs and suicide risk
Results conflict with FDA warning on high-dose citalopram
Roles for both SSRIs, CBT in treating elders with generalized anxiety
Sertraline plus naltrexone superior for depressed alcohol-dependent patients
SNRIs no more effective than SSRIs for acute major depression treatment
Some evidence of erythropoietin effects in depression treatment
SSRIs in pregnancy do not increase infant mortality risk
Study questions maintenance approach in remitted first-episode psychosis
Study: Both SSRI use and depression in pregnancy linked to risky birth outcomes
Study: No significant link between maternal SSRI use, child autism
Tardive Dyskinesia
The psychopharmacology of criminal behavior
Treating Unstable Schizophrenia
Use of folic acid near conception can lower autism risk
Varenicline shows promise in treating alcohol dependence

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    Lawrence H. Price, M.D.

    Lawrence H. Price, M.D., is a professor in the department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the Brown Medical School. He is also the director of research and the clinical director of Butler Hospital in Providence, RI. Dr. Price conducts research on a range of mood disorders and pharmacological therapies and supervises the work of psychiatry residents and fellows.
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